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We want to see the prompt inspire your writing. To bleed through every letter. If our quarterly is about Apollo, give us stories about the galaxies, about the sun, about archery. Give us stories that breathe Apollo. If the prompt is Artemis, give us forests, give us beasts, give us epic hunts. This does not mean we want stories ABOUT Apollo, or Artemis.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please include a note as to how your story is inspired or relates to the theme/prompt you are submitting to. If you do not do this, we cannot guarantee your story will be read. A single sentence is sufficient. This is not necessary for our annual, genre specific anthologies (Gaia and Typhon).

Below are our OPEN prompts:

Gorgon - Emergence


By Pantheon Magazine, edited by Sarah Read, Cover Artwork by Daniel Serra

Submissions open Jan 1, 2018. Publication in summer of 2018.

What we want: Weird, dark fiction; slipstream; magical realism; horror. Fiction with a touch of mythic quality. We want themes based around transformations—things that are shapeshifting, things that are emerging. Make Ovid’s Metamorphoses contemporary and weird and scary. We want a wide scope of voices and cultures and perspectives.

We don’t want: A lot of assaulted women turning into trees, pretty people turning into flowers, things written in Ovid’s voice. Lots of folks in togas. We don’t want splatter or pulp, though some body horror is fine and comes naturally with this theme.


This is a flash fiction anthology. We’re looking for stories that hover around the 1k-word mark, with 2k being the maximum allowed for consideration.

6c/word for original fiction; 3c/word for reprints.

Please give us 30 days of exclusive submission. If you haven’t heard from us by then, feel free to submit simultaneously elsewhere—just be sure to withdraw your piece from us immediately if it is accepted by another publication.

Please put your title, byline, and word count in your cover letter, as well as a brief note about how your story fits the theme.

Submissions are processed through Submittable. Please let us know if Submittable is inaccessible to you and we will be happy to make other submission arrangements.

We want print/digital rights exclusive for six months after publication, then all rights revert to contributors.

Please email us at editors.pantheonmagazine@gmail.com if you have further questions or concerns.

For more info, go to: https://pantheonmag.com/submissions/open-prompts/

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