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Update + Art

With Project 1 (Working Title: Baxter’s Birthday) in the hands of my first readers, I’ve cracked open Samhain Surprise (Formerly Project 2). This will be a direct follow up to Baxter’s Birthday and, even though it continues with the same character, will stand on its own.

In other news, James Artimus Owen–the cover artist for One Horn to Rule Them All–has released a mostly inked version of his WIP. Really looking forward to getting this hot anthology in my hands and reading the other stories… particularly the ones by Peter S. Beagle and Todd McCaffrey.¬†Only one more month!

PS. James has hinted at possibly selling prints. I’ve got my fingers cross, wallet ready, and a space picked out for it on my wall.

Click to enlarge.

You can find more by and about James at:

Gateway Blood

Small coverA vampire and his wife do their best to keep their son from making the biggest mistake of his unlife.

Anthology: One Horn to Rule Them All
Due out by WordFire Press September 2015.

*This is a place marker image created for Gateway Blood which has been picked up for publishing. It is not indicative of any future cover(s).