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Ezekiel James Boston hales from, and resides in, Las Vegas. Favoring fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal occult, he’s authored short stories, a score of short novels, and half a dozen full length novels.

Aside from being an avid writer, Ezekiel enjoys reading and games of all sorts. He chose to give up “active” sports after jamming his fingers and discovering that an author cannot slam their forehead onto the keyboard and have the story appear on the screen.

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Coming Soon:
— Welcome to Flowerland, A novel
— Ultrahumans 2: Gramma Pearl

Recent Publications:
2018/09 — A Good Negro in ‘Pulphouse #3’ magazine
2018/08 — The Weird Shit That Happened Because of Tricia Fisher in ‘Fiction River: Editor Saves’
2018/07 — Boudraux & the Tuscan Sun in ‘Starships’ anthology
2018/04 — Reaping a Hateful Harvest in ‘The Necro-Om-Nom-Nom-Icon’ anthology
2018/03 — Chuck the Cross in ‘Nightly Bites vol.2’ anthology
2018/01 — Jamal & the Skeleton’s Heart in ‘The Immortals’ anthology
2017/12 — Gateway Blood in ‘Nightly Bits vol.1’ anthology
2017/11 — A Boy Named Evil in ‘Sins of the Fathers’ collection
2017/11 — A Boy Named Evil, Ultrahumans novel
2017/12 — Gateway Blood in ‘Funny By Design’ anthology
2017/09 — Soul Survivor in ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ anthology
2017/03 — Jamal & the Skeleton’s Heart, Grim Spark short story
2017/02 — Nexus Bar & Grill, ABB novelette
2017/01 — Soul Survivor, Grim Spark short story
2016/12 — The Darkness Within Trilogy (ABB 1-3)
2016/11 — Adventures of Benjamin Baxter: Yuletide Yield
2016/03 — Gateway Blood reprinted at
2015/03 — Adventures of Benjamin Baxter: Samhain Shenanigans
2014/11 — Adventures of Benjamin Baxter: Birthday Bedlam
2014/09 — Gateway Blood in ‘One Horn to Rule Them All’ anthology

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