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Ezekiel James Boston hales from–and resides in–Las Vegas. Favoring fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal occult, he’s authored over a hundred short stories and half a dozen novels.

Ezekiel enjoys reading and games of all sorts. He chose to give up sports after jamming his fingers and discovering an author cannot slam their forehead onto the keyboard and have the story appear on the screen.

Known Publications

  • 2020/12 An Embarrassment of Id’imps in WMG Winter Spectacular 2020
  • 2020/11 — Blood of Heroes in Obsessions anthology
  • 2020/08 — A Hero Named Pearl, Ultrahumans Novel
  • 2020/05 — Retired from Henching in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #9
  • 2019/12 Everflame Gifts in WMG Winter Spectacular 2019
  • 2019/12 Degrading in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #8
  • 2019/08 — Stuck in Mother Faboinging Flower Land – An Odd LitRPG Novel
  • 2019/06 Gateway Blood reprinted in Thirteen Stakes bundle
  • 2019/02 — A Good Negro reprinted in You Really Liked That?: Stories from Pulphouse Fiction Magazine
  • 2018/08 The Weird Shit That Happened Because of Tricia Fisher in Fiction River Special Edition: Editor Saves
  • 2018/07 A Good Negro in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #3
  • 2018/07 Boudraux & the Tuscan Sun in Sci-Fi Stories: Starships bundle
  • 2018/04 — Reaping a Hateful Harvest in The Necro-Om-Nom-Nom-Icon anthology 
  • 2018/03 Chuck the Cross reprinted in Nightly Bites Volume 2
  • 2018/01 — Chuck the Cross in The Immortals Bundle
  • 2017/12 Gateway Blood reprinted in Nightly Bites Volume 1
  • 2017/11 Gateway Blood reprinted in Funny By Design bundle
  • 2017/11 — A Boy Named Evil, Ultrahumans Novel in Sins of the Father bundle
  • 2017/09 — Soul Survivor, Buck Tales in Duty, Honor, Country anthology
  • 2016/12 — The Darkness Within Trilogy (ABB 1-3)
  • 2016/11 — Adventures of Benjamin Baxter: Yuletide Yield
  • 2016/03 — Gateway Blood reprinted at
  • 2015/03 — Adventures of Benjamin Baxter: Samhain Shenanigans
  • 2014/11 — Adventures of Benjamin Baxter: Birthday Bedlam
  • 2014/09 — Gateway Blood in One Horn to Rule Them All anthology

Contact Ezekiel

Due to ever-loving spam, the contact form as been removed. However, fear not! You can reach Ezekiel by sending an email to:
Fiction [at] EzekielJamesBoston [dot] com
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