Inspiration Tuesday: Blood Magic… by Nebezial

I sat down to write a bit more about Carmen, Xul, and their adventuring gang. Given that they would be heading toward an area once ruled by undead, I started to give thought to what kind of problems they would run into there.

Once ruled by undead lends itself to “no longer ruled by undead.” Besides, there probably wouldn’t be much in the way of surprise for the adventures if they got there and *mock gasp* they have to fight vampires, mummies, or what-undead-have-you.

Browsing for inspiration, I cam across this piece by Nebezial aptly titled Blood Magic (or So I Started Drawing a Head).

Yes. This is the kind of baddie I’d been looking for. Something that is physically akin to vampires with blood, and magic, and a dragon. A caster without fangs, but with obvious bite.

This fantasy world is starting to flesh itself out nicely, and is getting really fun to practice in.

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