Novel | Stuck in Mother Faboinging Flower Land

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If you can read this, HELP! I’m stuck in this mother f’n children’s game and I can’t find a way out.

Every time I die, I restart in the f’n towns quare with only vague chopped up memories of my past runs. The game keeps track, but clues are few and far between. If you­­—

**Thinking hard, Tyrone stood at Blue Town’s fountain.**

Oh no…not again! Please, for all that’s holy, unplug this game. I can’t escape. I can’t die. I can’t cuss. This is Hel—


While this latest novel is slated to be my July 5th release, I figured I’d better get it up so July 4th can be worry free.

Please note, this book will only be available through August 4th when it goes exclusive to Amazon. It will return to this site on December 5th.



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