March 2015

Inspiration Tuesday: Mogmurch by Ian Llanas

In scanning around, like I do, I went back to see what else Ian Llanas has and found several excellent works that characterized goblins. I’ve always had a soft spot for goblins. Not so much a “Hey, I want to play in a PC goblin campaign.” More of a “Boy do I have a campaign for you guys…”

This little guy speaks volumes to me. A coming-of-age competition among want-to-be goblin bombers. Several goblins juggle bombs to show they’ve got what it takes to handle booms and this fella is wearing his lucky human-skull cap. And that’s not all. Something about one of the competitors out shining him several times in the past; including a particularly embarrassing episode during his very first pairing ritual.

I’m actually a bit fearful to start a character piece on this one for it might not let me stop until the novel is done. And, sadly, I don’t have time for that right now.


©2014 Ian Llanas
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Samhain Shenanigans

The Adventures of Benjamin Baxter
Samhain Shenanigans

After the strange events on his birthday, Benjamin Baxter finds his magic growing at an alarming rate. With the surge, the dark energy within him becomes even harder to control.

Putting his recent struggles behind him, Ben takes his school faire winnings to the local Samhain festival to unwind.

To his surprise, he makes new friends, gains new enemies, and gets way more than he bargained for.


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Inspiration Tuesday: Solace by Jonas De Ro + Update

Another piece by Jonas De Ro. This one is entitled Solace and, upon seeing it, a scenario popped in my head.


The distant hiss-squawks of azure ravens registered on Okatu’s ear over the gentle flow of the Akira River. These reclusive birds only nested in the mountains around the Tanaka monastery where he had grown up.

When ranging, he’d often dream of their sweet sunset songs as he settled down for rice and jerky, but there was no beauty in their calls this afternoon. They’d been disturbed by distant rumblings–rumblings of war machines–that could be felt through the worked smooth stone beneath his bare feet.

The ravens, quick glints of flapping blue, circled above an area that’d be about a half a day’s walk north toward Moku.

Whatever dark army marched their way, did so while the winds washed the salt of the ocean northward to keep their smell from being sucked south during the evening gusts. A tactically sound move. Very strong. If not for the azure ravens, the monastery would have wrote the rumblings of to Nakabi, the nearby unquiet volcano, and would have been overrun before it could mount a defense.

Because of the raven, monks scurried to make preparations to defend the crown prince. Uncles, fathers, and brothers alike still gave Otaku’s sword a disdainful glance, but they had greater things to worry about now…

© Ezekiel James Boston

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How embarrassing. I’ve been making posts to this page every other week and none of them showed. Turns out that I had two things wrong. 1) The posts were set to private. 2) A bit more troubling, the years were set for 2016.

If I were the kind of person who blushes, my cheeks would be full of warm crimson. I’m not, but you get the gist.

So, as not to flood my page, I’m going to be revising the posts and getting them up. I should also have an update on The Adventures of Benjamin Baxter: Yuletide’s Yield on Monday.

—Zeek (EJ)

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