Inspiration Tuesday: Mogmurch by Ian Llanas

In scanning around, like I do, I went back to see what else Ian Llanas has and found several excellent works that characterized goblins. I’ve always had a soft spot for goblins. Not so much a “Hey, I want to play in a PC goblin campaign.” More of a “Boy do I have a campaign for you guys…”

This little guy speaks volumes to me. A coming-of-age competition among want-to-be goblin bombers. Several goblins juggle bombs to show they’ve got what it takes to handle booms and this fella is wearing his lucky human-skull cap. And that’s not all. Something about one of the competitors out shining him several times in the past; including a particularly embarrassing episode during his very first pairing ritual.

I’m actually a bit fearful to start a character piece on this one for it might not let me stop until the novel is done. And, sadly, I don’t have time for that right now.


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