Advance Reader Opportunity

Part of my work style is to toil away in private until I have something to offer. This time, I come with a chance to receive my first “superhero” novel ‘A Boy Named Evil’ before it’s available anywhere! The book is done and scheduled to go live on November 20th.

I am looking for readers to join my Edge Advantage reading group. In exchange for the free book, I am hoping that you will leave an honest review wherever you buy/review books (by December 1st). The review is not a requirement, but would be greatly appreciated.

Because I’m forming this special group, you’ll be required to enter your email address again. I apologize for this, but I’m looking to reward those who enjoy the stories I tell.

All right. Enough of that. Here’s the link, and here’s the cover! (Back cover text below.)

Back cover text:

Born into a line of supervillains with ironclad power, fourteen-year-old Evil wants nothing more than to escape his legacy and give up the last name Overlord forever.

He accidentally draws the attention of the Power League—heroes working to topple the Overlord regime.

Evil’s hopes and dreams come crashing down, forcing him to choose between his mother’s gentle morals and his father’s devastating convictions.

The world refuses to give Evil a chance. What chance can Evil give the world?

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